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5 Sweet Dishes A Diabetic Can Eat

5 Sweet Dishes A Diabetic Can Eat

October 11, 2019 by Companio

People with diabetes often think that they need to steer clear of desserts to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Now, this is true to a great extent that controlling their diabetes and sugar intake is of utmost importance, but these diabetics can still have aptly prepared desserts, in limited quantities for a lovely and sweet treat. Here we give a list of diabetic-friendly desserts with which you can satisfy your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar soaring.

  1. Black Jamun Ice-Cream

A lovely treat for a diabetic sweet tooth. Made with low-fat milk, sweetened with sugar substitute and thickened with cornflour instead of fattening cream makes this dessert a must-try for all the diabetics out there. The enzyme ‘Jamboline’ present in Black Jamun is in fact considered a boon for a diabetic. Black Jamun is known for bringing blood sugar levels under control and increases insulin activity and sensitivity.


  1. Chocolate

Now, this may sound little crazy but it’s true! Eating chocolate may actually improve insulin response and blood sugar control because of the presence of flavanols, which are protective compounds found in cocoa. The only problem that arises and that stops a diabetic from having chocolates is that most of the chocolates in the market are loaded with added sugars. Try replacing milk or white with the dark ones and you are good to go.


  1. Whole Wheat Orange Cake

Made with whole wheat flour and low-fat dairy products, this dessert is a delight for a diabetic. Orange rind alone is used in the cake and not any orange juice which gives it a perfect orange taste without making the cake sour and increasing the need for sugar. So, if you are a diabetic and craving for a cake then the whole wheat orange cake is your way to go.


  1. Date and Apple Kheer

We hear the word kheer and we can’t stop our mouths from watering. A healthier version of kheer is date and apple kheer which even our diabetic friends can indulge in. Made up of apple and dates cooked in low-fat milk and sweetened with sugar substitutes. Dates and apples impart their natural sweetness and fibers while milk is rich in protein and calcium. So a little variation makes the kheer low in calorie and suitable for a diabetic.


  1. Protein Cheesecake

Not a traditional cheesecake, but it tastes amazingly great for a cake with almost no calories, fat, or carbs thus making it apt for the people with diabetes. Because it is almost pure protein, it’s also a perfect bedtime snack that will leave you satisfied and feed your muscles throughout the night. The cake will kill your cravings along with keeping your blood sugars under control making it a great dish that a diabetic can have without any guilt.

Being a diabetic does not stop you from having desserts but the key is moderation and making tweaks to treats so they fit in your diet. Of course, there are some limitations of being a diabetic but, having a healthier and portion-controlled sweet treat once in a while can be part of a healthy diet that you can follow. So, having low-carb and low-fat desserts rich in protein and other nutrients and having controlled quantities of sugar can help manage your cravings and diabetes both at the same time without compromising on either of them.

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