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5 Tips To Live A More Active Lifestyle

5 Tips To Live A More Active Lifestyle

January 08, 2020 by Companio

An active lifestyle is more of a need than a want for all of us. It is taken up by almost everyone obese or skeletal or for that matter a fit individual too. It is one of the essentials of living a healthy lifestyle.
While the Indian diet & food routine is majorly designed to load every meal with carbohydrates, but then the average Indian lifestyle & day routine majorly focuses on the physical activities but nobody likes or pursues that,& eventually it turns a person obese.

So, let’s break it down on how you can actually make a difference in your lifestyle & feel active throughout the day by adopting some simple habits to go with.

1. Take it Slow
If you have not been active lately, start out slow. Always consult a doctor or a physical trainer, before starting an exercise routine, as there may be precautions you will have to take. In general, you’ll start out with sessions of only 5 or 10 minutes & then you can gradually increase the length of your sessions.

2.  A 30 Minute Plan
An Ideal Routine for you should be 30 minutes, each day. Three 10-minute sets are just as good as one longer session. For instance, in one day you could do:

10 minutes of Zumba Dance, before work

a 10-minute brisk walk around the park at lunch.

a 10-minute walk around; as you get home.

Of course, more exercise is great! However, taking precautions to avoid casualties, such as muscle strain, etc. It’s better to increase it slowly.

3. Eat Healthy!
Eating a balanced diet will help you a lot in reaching your physique goals & you will feel active from the very next day from when you start. Eating a balanced diet is of the essence. If you are working out hard, the intake of protein & carbs in a proper ratio is recommended along with roughage. So, lookout for a healthy diet before you start to really get into that exercise routine or even otherwise.
Exercise or no exercise, a diet plan should be balanced.

4. Make time for your hobbies
Pursuing your hobbies can always keep you in a mood, great & mind at ease. Try being more outdoor than indoor. Even If your hobby is stitching, get out there in a park or something & do it. This way you will have to leave the house & also come back. There has to be something to push you out of your house or the place where you spent most of your time. Break Your Rut Without Thinking of a But!

5. Live A More Fulfilled Life 
Be happy with what you have. Recognize & appreciate the efforts of people in your life towards you.
Do what makes you & others happy. Be forgiving. An Active lifestyle & habits begin from an active & fulfilled mind. If you are not happy with the way life is, don’t curse it & start desperately on making a change. Be appreciative of what you are left with & then try to take up a habit/choice/lifestyle to be better. The motivation to do something good can not come from a negative drive; if it does, it won’t last long.

Everyone longs to lead an active lifestyle, but only the ones who work for it, get it. Making your everyday count personally & socially, is wondering for people but it can only be achieved by leading an active lifestyle. An Active Lifestyle is a small part of the bigger spectrum which we can call ‘A Better Living’. Follow these five pointers from above to achieve & maintain an active lifestyle & ultimately A Better Living.

Go Make It Count!

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