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6 Myths About Joint Pain You Should Know

6 Myths About Joint Pain You Should Know

May 14, 2020 by Companio

What is that one thing that strikes you when we say-aging? Undoubtedly, joint pain. isn’t it? With changing times, the diet patterns, lifestyles have led to a total shift in habits that could once avoid these health issues. On the flip side, with a lack of knowledge, people have gathered a lot of clutter around the real reasons, issues, and effects on joint pain. So here is when we bring to you the top 6 myths that should be totally shunned if you come across. Also, do educate people who get you such myths.

  1. Joint pain equals arthritis

Any kind of a pain in the joints is not really arthritis. While arthritis is definitely joint pain but its root cause can be different. The pain in the joints could be due to numerous reasons that vary from person to person and of course age.


  1. Joint pain intensifies in cloudy weather

There is no theory to back this up that due to variation in temperature or humidity levels, your joint pain might level up. There are many people who believe that joint pain increases swiftly in case of cloudy weather. This is a myth.


  1. Exercise can harm

Exercising while your joint pain can act in a reverse manner. It actually helps relieve the pain. Although the amount, timing and the way exercises have to be carried out should be in tandem with your doctor’s prescription.


  1. Heat is better than ice

Usually, it is believed that applying heat to the inflamed joint can relieve you of the joint’s pain. But applying ice at night on the joint can lessen the joint pain.


  1. Better food intake can remove the pain completely

While many people create changes in the diets and their patterns and expect results. This is a myth to be avoided. Avoiding certain food items in your diet can lead to less pain-causing triggers. But it does not eliminate the problem entirely. One needs to follow medical advice in order to improve the condition.


  1. Particular medicine can mitigate the pain

It depends on the physical activity of a person, the lifestyle, and other factors. So one cannot clearly say whether a particular medicine popular for curing such pains can mitigate or eliminate the pain. One must really consult a doctor for the perfect cure.

Asking the people whose opinion really matters i.e the doctors are the ones who can educate us and clarify the myths. Having said that, we can’t deny the changing nature of research studies and clinical trials that might lead to some new discoveries. So keep an active lifestyle, stay fit, and visit a companion center today to continue being healthy.

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