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7 Pre-Workout Stretches That Will Warm You Up for Any Routine

7 Pre-Workout Stretches That Will Warm You Up for Any Routine

January 19, 2023 by Companio

Pre-workout stretches hardly take 5 to 10 minutes. Warming up before any exercise routine helps you prevents your body from any exercise or injuries before any workout routine. These kinds of low-key exercises can elevate and boost your fitness and physical well-being in the long run. 

The incredible benefits of Pre-workout : 

A regular warm-up session helps you to prepare the nervous system and muscles for an optimal workout session. Pre-workout stretches will give you a nerve boost. Here are a few pre-workout programs for any workout routine

  1. Arm reach :
  • Stand still, and make your feet much wider than hip-width as much as possible. Then pivot by standing on the right foot and then swing your right arm across the chest. Twist the upper body and the torso in the same direction. Repeat the same thing on another side of your body. 

 2. Side Reach : 

Just stand still, similar to the arms reach position, and ensure your feet are way greater than the hip-width position. Slightly lean the body on the right side, with a slight bend of the right knee. At the same time, stretch and move your left hand up and align it with the rest of the body. Please repeat this on the opposite side. It’s highly preferable if you do arm stretches and side stretches for 30-60 seconds. 

 3. Hip Rotation : 

This position also requires your feet’ width to be wider than your hip width. Bend and keep the arms in behind your head. Twist and swing your torso as much as possible. Try to do this exercise slowly for the best conditioning of your upper body.

4. Knee lift : 

Stand still and make sure to keep the feet width much wider than the hip width as usual. Bend your arms, and keep your hands behind your head. Lift one of the legs towards your body. Try to touch the rip-cage with your knee as much as possible. Try to do this for one to two minutes. 

5. Plank : 

Start in a standing position. Bend down and touch the ground with the help of your hands. Slowly move your hands and reach the plank position. Then slowly retract and come back to the standing position. Try to do this for one to minutes 

6. Jumping Jacks : 

Stand with feet spread across your hip. Then try to raise your arms over your head and simultaneously jump on your feet. Reverse this action without pausing many times to have a perfect warm-up. 

7. Donkey kicks : 

Start on all fours, with knees under your hip, and keep your core engaged. Keep your knee bend, and kick your left leg towards your sky. Then slightly make a pause and repeat the same procedure via the right leg. This donkey kick activates your glute, shoulders, and your core. Try to keep the movements controlled and keep the momentum. If possible, try to anchor this exercise near the wall to keep gaining more control while doing this exercise

Following these steps before any routine will help you to create a perfect warm-up for your body. 

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