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Surviving Winters With Arthritis Pain

Surviving Winters With Arthritis Pain

February 10, 2020 by Companio

Winters and arthritis

Seasonal changes are something that come along with Arthritis- a commonly known joint inflammation is touted to affect 24 million people worldwide. Arthritis is basically a condition wherein one undergoes joint pain, infections and other diseases. This condition simply aggravates while the season of winter sets in. Even worse, there are more than 100 types of joint pains that continue to trouble us.

Dealing with body pain becomes challenging when seasonal changes add insult to the injury. People are in a constant urge to find solutions, therapies, home-remedies, etc. Here are top 6 tips and hacks that you must give a shot to cope up with arthritis pain.

Survival Tips:

  1. Warm-up yourself: In winters, take extra care of yourself especially if you are suffering from arthritis. Layer up your clothes with extra warm clothes to stay pain-free. It would include taking hot water showers twice a day to stay relaxed and calm. Wear gloves, knee-caps, and everything that layers up your joints.
  2. Exercise well: In winters, it might be difficult to stay outside for long but one with such an inflammation needs to exercise well, practise stretching, walk or run. Anything that would work well for your body should be practised. The movement will ensure that the inflammation does not amplify.
  3. Intake of proper food: While contracting any disease or pain or inflammation, intake of proper food is going to heal you sooner. One can increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin D, fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids. Few food items that have these are flaxseeds, avocado, etc.
  4. Stay hydrated: One needs to stay hydrated as well. Water is the solution to all the problems. Intake of plenty of water will not only solve joint-related problems but also sort out other problems of your body.
  5. Massage will help: A good massage can definitely be the solution for joint inflammation. There are specialists who know the pain areas and the specific solution to such pain relief. A hot oil massage can be quite relieving and distressing while one undergoes such a joint pain, especially in winters.
  6. Pinch out the pain with Acupuncture: Going by the unconventional methods, one can even try out acupuncture. There have bee research findings that prove the application of acupuncture in healing such joint inflammation. Such therapy can help you out with not just joint pain but also making you feel healthier and refreshed.

So even if getting a disease is not in our hands, we can definitely work out with steps that can mitigate the situation. Usually, the above-mentioned steps are the ones that are tried out. With time, awareness and understanding of newer methods, people are also trying out TENS technology. This is a wonderful technology that is sure to drive away issues like joint pain.

Companio therapy centre will definitely be your gateway to a healthier and pain-free life. Visit your nearest centre, today!

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