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Why Franchise

Advanced products having great demand
Large target customer segment
High Return on Investment
A partner that focuses on win-win arrangement
Fast Growing Franchise Network
Products that address lifestyle related disorders

Know More About Companio

Companio is a part of the multi-million Camex Group. The group has a publicly traded enterprise called Camex Limited and a pioneering healthcare company called Camex Wellness Limited. Companio is their health and well-being brand that deals with innovative products that are redefining the wellness solutions. With multiple franchise centres already present in North, West, South and Central India, we can’t wait to come to your city with our wonderful products.

Foot Pulse EXO is a revolutionary product from Companio that uses electro-sensory stimulation to boost blood circulation. Foot Pulse ACU uses a similar path-breaking technology to relieve pain in the body by stimulating the release of natural pain-killing hormones. Both the products can be used by patients while comfortably sitting in the chair. These products are a great hit with customers as they can be seamlessly integrated in our modern lifestyle.

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Dealer Testimonials

Foot Pulse EXO and ACU are such wonderful products, we are getting a tremendous response in Bangalore so much so that we are expanding centers in Mangalore and Hubli. Customers are happy and so are we. Thank you Companio.


Companio is the best discovery we have had in the recent past. With wonderful patented products that have no real competition, it is easy to achieve significant ROI with a nominal investment. This is the right product at the right time, and so its time has come.


Due to our sedentary lifestyle and its consequent disorders, Wellness Industry is developing by leaps and bounds. Companio’s products are great and partnership is rewarding because they focus on win-win with easy ROI. There is no limit for such products.