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About Us

Companio, a health and wellbeing brand from Camex Wellness, has been established with an objective of making the world a pain free place. Thus, we at Companio offer world class wellness products dedicated to relieve a wide range of physical pain (body aches and pains) with a promise of a painfree life; all this from the comfort of one's home.

These days the society is inflicted with a glut of painful disorders. Most of these are lifestyle diseases and are a resultant of high stress, sedentary way of living. Pollution and toxins enter our lives via various modes, giving rise to several agonising physical ailments like Diabetic Foot Pain and acute muscle cramps.

Companio through its research and development in industry leading technology strives to improve the health and wellness of our community by providing exceptional therapeutic products and fostering an awareness of wellness. Our products and therapies are gentle on patients, are less time consuming not requiring major lifestyle changes, moreover they are easy to operate from the comfort of being almost anywhere, on the go!

Companio prides itself in being a compassionate brand. It is a companion for life.

Two of our flagship products, Companio Foot Pulse EXO and Companio Foot Pulse ACU are built on new revolutionary patent pending technologies that are designed to closely resemble the workings of nature. The Diabetics ailing with Diabetic Foot Pain can lead a painfree life by using Companio Foot Pulse ACU, a Diabetic Foot Pain Reliever.

Companio is your lifelong companion in elevating you of varied genres of physical pain, intensity ranging from low to high.

Companio products have been designed and created with an intention of helping you to:

  • Relax and Rejuvenate
  • Live life to your full potential
  • Introduce new zest and vitality in your life
  • Heal without side effects


Be a world leader in wellness products and related services aimed at helping people live a pain-free life.


To provide the best therapeutic products in order to help, develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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