Companio knees pain relief to joint Swelling muscle Inflammation
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Knee Pulse knee pain relief device - tens technology

  • Reduces knee Osteoarthritis pain
  • Reduces Inflammation of knees
  • Helps increase muscle strength
  • Boosts blood circulation and stimulates nerves around knee
  • Helps in slowing down or preventing joint damage with pain relief

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How touse it?

Step 1: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 01

Lay the Knee Pulse belt

Step 2: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 02

Remove the replaceable electrode gel from the foil.

Step 3: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 03

Stick the replaceable electrode gel on the electrode pad.

Step 4: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 04

Wear the belt on your knee and make sure the patella is in between

Step 5: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 05

Switch on the start button.

Step 6: How to use Companio Knee Pulse
Step 06

Press ‘+’ to increase and ‘-‘ to decrease the intensity.

They used it They said it

Shefali Patel
I suffered from chronic knee pain which had hampered my daily life activities to a great deal. Even after several medications and massages the condition didn’t improve. Then I came across Knee Pulse online and ordered one for myself. My knee pain has reduced considerably in just few weeks by its usage for 30 minutes only. Now I can spend an active life full of energy. Thank you Knee Pulse!
Mahesh Arora
Knee Pulse brought dynamism in my life. I was chair ridden for many years due to inflammation in my knee and nagging pain. Several of my business deals didn’t materialise due to my inactivity and I suffered losses. Then I ordered Knee Pulse. In just one week I could move my legs without much pain. Its powerful TENS technique created a miracle! With prolonged use now I got hold of my life again. I recommend Knee Pulse to everyone.
Shaina Vora
School Teacher
Knee Pulse is a great innovation. It has actually helped me to stand on my legs by reducing my knee pain in few days and eliminating it altogether. Now I am a successful teacher with a great future.
Deepak Mehta
Rt. Bank Employee
Arthritis had crippled my life and had got me bed ridden. After retirement my life seemed to be confined to the home. Then I got Knee Pulse as a gift from my son. I started taking Knee Pulse therapy once a day, every day for 30 minutes and my knee pain decreased considerably. Blood circulation started improving and now I can play with my grand kids and go for morning walks daily.
Knee Pulse is benefited in osteoarthritis, swollen knees, acute knee pain, clots & immobility in limbs

Benefits of Knee Pulse

The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy is primarily used to heal acute and chronic pain conditions. For knee pain treatment, this therapy is extremely effective as it prevents pain signals from reaching the brain and stimulates body to produce endorphins that act as natural pain killer.

Knee Pulse is a non-invasive and non-addictive technique that provides long term relief from knee pain and swelling. Instead of trying other knee pain remedies, use Knee Pulse as it is also clinically tested and is totally devoid of any side effects. Usage of Knee Pulse for 30 minutes once a day can be very effective for knee joint pain treatment.

Knee Pulse helps relieve
  • Arthritis in Knee
  • Swollen Knees
  • Acute Knee Pain
  • Clots
  • Immobility in limbs

Get rid of sleepless night and reduced physical activity due to nagging knee pain. Choose Knee Pulse and bring activity and liveliness in your life.

How does Knee Pulse work for you?

Clinically Recommended ACU Technology

How does Knee Pulse work?

Companio launches an innovative Knee care product KNEE PULSE which promises to bring activity and vitality back in the life of patients suffering from chronic knee pain and swelling. Knee Pulse is first of its kind product in India to treat knee pain and is completely conceptualized, designed and manufactured indigenously.

Knee Pain relief with Companio Knee Pulse
Knee Pulse works on ACU Technology (Automated program developed according to TENS therapy requirement). TENS therapy in Knee Pulse causes therapeutic impulses to suppress the transmission of pain in the nerve fibres of the knee muscles and release pain-killing hormones to relieve knee pain. It helps you stand on your feet efficiently and pursue your favourite activities.

What is ACUpulse technology?
ACU Technology is a tested, proven, effective and medication-free method of treating certain types of pain which, when used properly, is also free of side effects. ACUpulse technology in Back Pulse is advantaged with the capability of 12 times TENS therapy programs. TENS technology is impactful in delivering electrical impulses to nerve fibres and in creating a tingling sensation to produce pain-killing hormones called Endorphins. These release the pain quickly.

What is ACU Technology?

It is Patented Auto Program of TENS Therapy in Companio Products. Knee Pulse comes with 5 different variations of TENS Therapy for quick relief in Knee Pain. The auto program is set for 15 mins with 5 different variations in Current Flow. TENS stands for Transcutaneous (“through the skin“) Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

What is the recommended time for therapy?

Knee Pulse can be used twice a day for knee pain relief. The Intensity can be increased or decreased according to the need or comfort level.

At what intensity should the therapy be taken?

There are 15 levels intensity levels in Knee Pulse. It is recommended to start with low intensity which can gradually be increased and set at an intensity of comfort level.

Does Knee Pulse need any prescription by a doctor?

No, you do not need any prescription by a doctor, since Knee Pulse works on clinically recommended TENS technology which is an effective self treatment method. But if you have health concerns of any kind or any kind of irritation while using the product than contact your general practitioner.

Does Knee Pulse therapy has any side effect?

No, Knee Pulse does not have any side effects as it works by stimulating body’s own immune system to suppress pain.

Does Knee Pulse pose any danger?

Knee Pulse produces only mild currents which penetrate only to the depth of 1-2 inch of skin. The product does not pose any danger or threat to body.

How soon will I see the effects of using Knee Pulse?

Many people have reported pain reduction by the usage of Knee Pulse in just 1 week but the results improve by persistent use for more weeks based on the present condition. An Osteoarthritis patient may have to use it indefinitely. Knee Pulse is known to reduce knee pain or inflammation to a considerable level.

Do I need to take any medication along with Knee Pulse therapy?

No medication is required along with Knee Pulse but in case of any ongoing medication, you can go ahead with it as the therapy is intended to provides only pain relief and not replace any medication.

Should I use ice while using Knee Pulse?

No, usage of ice before or after Knee Pulse therapy greatly reduces the positive effects of Knee Pulse.

I am very short in height, do I need to adjust Knee Pulse?

Knee Pulse easily fit in average Indian height of 5’5” to 6’2”. In case of very short height kindly adjust Knee Pulse by moving the pads vertically towards the knee cap hole. Tall people can move the knee pads away from the knee cap hole.

When should I change the electrodes?

By regular and persistent usage, the electrodes need to be changed once a month. Proper up keeping of the electrodes by placing plastic electrode covers after use increases the electrode life.

Do I need to apply any cream or moisturiser before applying electrodes?

Applying a heel balm or a moisturiser is recommended before application of electrodes.

Does the gel cause any skin irritation?

Though unlikely, it may cause skin irritation under some sensitive skin. It is advisable to use it for lesser duration or less intensity in that case. If the problem persists please consult the doctor.

My symptoms has worsened instead of improving, Why?

It is nothing to worry about. Sometimes body takes time to adjust to external stimuli. It is known as ‘acclimatisation’. Still if the problem persists please reduce the duration and intensity till the symptoms improve.

Do I need to keep myself hydrated before the treatment?

Yes, it is advisable to drink water to get sufficient hydration before the therapy.

Product features

  • Portable unit with rechargeable battery.

  • Smart timer for 15min therapy.

  • 5 different programs for maximum relief.

  • Wireless design to move it at any location of convenience

  • Super Light fabric fits gently around knee.

  • Comfortable fitment on knee.

  • Four points therapy for maximum effectiveness.

  • Advance protection circuit for safe therapy.

  • Device enclosure made of industry grade durable (ABS) plastic.

  • Smart LED feedback for each program.

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