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Review and Testimonial

reviews from Doctors

Dr. Banshi Saboo

GMC REG NO. G-21996

Dr Harish Joshi

Neuro Physician

Dr Mukesh Vyas

Consultant Physiotherapist
B.P.Th., M.I.A.P.

Dr Nitin Sadani

M.P.T (Ortho & Sports) M.D (Acu) M.I.A.P

reviews from customers

Deepak Patel (65)
Business Owner, K.K. Nagar, Ahmedabad
I have been suffering from neuropathy symptoms like burning Sensation, Tingling Numbness in Feet for many years now. I relied on medicines to reduce my pain in my legs and knees. I recently tried Companio Foot Pulse ACU and am now regularly using it twice a day. The swelling in my legs and the feeling of numbness has reduced. This is the best product I have come across. Reduces pain without any medication.
Mr. Milind Jiwane (45)
Service, Pune
My work involves a lot of travelling. I suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. I got Companio’s Foot Pulse and using it 2-3 times a week has reduced my foot ache. It is compact & portable and I usually carry it when I am on tours. Great relief after using it.
Mr. NS Patel (55)
Teacher - Retired, Paldi, Ahmedabad
My wife is suffering from chronic knee pain for almost a year. It feels bad to see her in pain with her legs swollen and loss of sensation in her feet. I got her to try Companio Foot Pulse Acu. She has been using it twice a day and there is improvement in knee and leg pain. She is becoming active as she can walk with ease. I also use it sometimes while watching television and feel relaxed. I think it is a good product as it can be used by anyone at home. It is doesn’t have any side effects so it is safe.
Ilaben Acharaya (67)
Retired Principal, Ahmedabad
I am a diabetic with high blood pressure. Companio Foot Pulse helped me reduce the burning, tingling sensation and pain in my feet.
Maya Rajendra Shah (57)
Home-maker, Naranpura, Ahmedabad
I have had High Blood Pressure for some years. As a result I have numbness in my legs, swelling in feet and ankles. I tried Companio Foot Pulse Acu because I can’t take pain killers frequently. I use it twice a day and I am experiencing relief in my pain. I feel the sensation in my legs coming back. It is a Good Product!
Vishal Jain (30)
Business Owner, Ahmedabad
It helped me reduce fatigue through good blood circulation. I feel energetic through long work days. Good Product.
Kanubhai Detroja (62)
Govt. Health Department (Retired), Ahmedabad
During my visit to the wellness centre, I recently realized that my calf pains for the past one year are due to poor blood circulation. I used Companio’s Foot pulse regularly with the attachments on my upper back and day by day I feel the pain reducing and enjoy the relaxation. I have already recommended it to my friends.
Keyur Shah
A Thankful Son, Ahmedabad
I got Companio’s Foot Pulse ACU for my mother as she suffers from severe diabetes and hypertension. She has been using it regularly and there is a considerable relief in her neuropathy pain, the leg cramps etc. Infact even her blood pressure has been stable for some days now. She is happy and less stressed out. My dad too, uses the Foot Pulse and he is sleeping sound these days. Thank You Companio!
Maya Shah (57)
Housewife, Ahmedabad
It is a good product to increase blood flow to the legs. Helps relieve pain.
Dr. Mohan Tillo (45)
Veterinarian, Pune
I am a Diabetic and usually with diabetes come a lot of other physical ailments. I suffered from numbness and loss of sensation in my lower extremities. I used Companio’s Foot Pulse Acu, specially designed to reduce pain suffered by Diabetics and people with compression on their nerves. I use it four times a week and I am impressed with the result. The sensation is slowly returning to my legs and the pain has come down. It is a Right Product as it provides alternative therapy without any side effects.
Prabha Jain (50)
Home-maker, Bopal, Ahmedabad
I am suffering from Hypertension and have problem in getting sound sleep for more than a year. I also have numbness in my feet and my legs constantly pain. I am taking medication with physio-therapy sessions regularly. After I used Companio Foot Acu Pulse twice a day for a week, my sleep quality has vastly improved. I also use the electrode patches that come with it on my back and shoulders. I feel more energetic and fresh these days. Thank You Companio.
Madhuben Patel (69)
Retired, Ahmedabad
After taking many medicines & physio therapy for chronic knee pain and swelling in legs, I used Companio Foot Pulse twice a day for a week. I am feeling relaxed and the pain has reduced.
Ms. Lindsay Silveira
For the past one year I was experiencing severe leg aches and my feet would swell causing a lot of discomfort. I used to take pain killers to get through the day. I tried Companio Foot Pulse EXO initially daily for 2 weeks and thereafter, I use is 3 times a week. The aches have gone completely and the swelling is less frequent. I recommend this product to everyone suffering from leg problems. It is an awesome product.
Praful Desai (45)
Business Owner, Ahmedabad
I have been visiting a physio-therapy centre for a year now. On and off the pain in my legs keeps coming back. Now, I have started using Companio Foot Pulse and I can feel considerable relief in the aches even if I don’t use it daily. The additional patches when used on the shoulders and back relax me totally.
Piyush Jani (60)
Land Investment Advisor, Ahmedabad
Due to high BP I experience frequent leg cramps and constant pain even when I am sitting. I used Companio Foot Pulse for 15-20 days and I can say that my pain has reduced by 50-60%. It is a good product
Janwarimal Bafna (76)
Retired, Ahmedabad
I feel good when taking the therapy. Hopefully burning sensation in feet due to diabetes will totally vanish with daily use
Sujit Basu (65)
Life was difficult for me with chronic knee pain for almost a year. Using Companio Foot Pulse has made me mobile and relatively pain-free. I like it that I can carry the compact Foot Pulse even when I am travelling so that I don’t miss on the relax-me time.
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