Companio Back pain is relief of lower back pain remedy treatment
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Back Pulse back pain relief device – ems technology

  • Relief in Back Pain
  • Back strength build-up
  • Revitalized Back motion

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Within 6-8 days

Easy to carry

12 months


No side


Low Power


CE Approved

DC Operated

for safety

How touse it?

back pulse step 1
Step 01

Lay the belt.

back pulse step 2
Step 02

Remove the electrode patches.

back pulse step 3
Step 03

Stick the electrode patches.

back pulse step 4
Step 04

Wear the belt on your lower back.

back pulse step 5
Step 05

Press switch on button to start.

back pulse step 6
Step 06

Press + to increase and - to decrease the intensity.

back pulse step 7

Charge the belt with the provided charger when necessary.

They used it They said it

Neha Bhattacharya
Teaching Professional
I have to travel long distance for my job. Both long journey and my teaching job made me stand all day. Soon I developed Back Pain. My sister-in-law suggestion got me Back Pulse belt. It relieved my back pain in a week.
Jayesh Patel
I was not able to sit or stand properly due to my back pain. This made me look very weak and of older age in front of everyone. But after using Back Pulse, I feel energized and it also boosted my back strength. My back pain is gone.
Knee Pulse is benefited in osteoarthritis, swollen knees, acute knee pain, clots & immobility in limbs

Benefits of Back Pulse

Your back is your endurance to stand straight and strong wherever you go or represent. Daily activities can lay the stress weight on your back. Continuous sitting on a chair, lifting heavy objects, standing for long hours or sudden movement of the back can cause unbearable back pain. It can also make you look clumsy, ungraceful and powerless.

Companio’s Back Pulse is a back pain-relieving belt that can effectively helps your back to be free from pain and perform the activities you love. It gently soothes your back with its therapeutic impulses so it can feel very comfortable and ease the pain out.

Back Pulse helps to
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Build Back Strength
  • Improve Back Movement
  • Alleviate Night Back Pain

Only 14 minutes’ therapy in a day can release you from back pain. Back Pulse is a very comfortable product without any harmful side effects.

How does Back Pulse help you?

Back Pulse Technology

How does Back Pulse work?

Companio's Back Pulse comes with 'ACUpulse' technology based on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.(TENS). 'ACUpulse' in Back Pulse is a revolutionary treatment to gain pain relief from a backache.

How does 'ACUpulse' helps in Back Pain?
'ACUpulse' sends mild, regulated therapeutic electrical impulses as a stimulation to pass through your skin to the nerve endings.

The electrical impulses from ACUpulse are mild electrical currents working in two ways.

  • It blocks the pain messages delivered by nerves from reaching the brain to release the pain quickly.
  • It helps the body to produce natural pain-killing hormones called Endorphins.

What is ACUpulse technology?
ACUpulse technology in Back Pulse is advantaged with the capability of 12 times TENS therapy programs. TENS technology is impactful in delivering electrical impulses to nerve fibres and in creating a tingling sensation to produce pain-killing hormones called Endorphins. These release the pain quickly.

What is ACU Technology?

ACU technology is based on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Transcutaneous means 'through the skin'. ACU sends mild and regulated electrical impulses through the skin to produce natural pain-relieving hormones called Endorphins.

What is the recommended time for therapy?

Back Pulse can be used twice a day for lower back pain relief. The Intensity can be increased or decreased according to the need or comfort level. Recommended Therapy Time is 14 minutes.

At what intensity should the therapy be taken?

It is recommended to start with low intensity which

can gradually be increased and set at an intensity of comfort level. Recommended Intensity Level is 20.

Does Back Pulse need any prescription by a doctor?

No, you do not need any prescription by a doctor, since Back Pulse works on clinically recommended ACU technology which is an effective self-treatment method. But if you have health concerns of any kind or any kind of irritation while using the product then contact your general practitioner.

Does Back Pulse therapy have any side effect?

No, Back Pulse does not have any side effects as it works by stimulating body’s own immune system to suppress pain.

Does Back Pulse pose any danger?

Back Pulse produces only mild currents which penetrate only to the depth of 1-2 inch of skin. The product does not pose any danger or threat to the body.

How soon will I see the effects of using Back Pulse?

Many people have reported pain reduction by the usage of Back Pulse in just 1 week but the results improve by persistent use for more weeks based on the present condition.

Do I need to take any medication along with Back Pulse therapy?

No medication is required along with Back Pulse but in case of any ongoing medication, you can go ahead with it, as the therapy is intended to provide only pain relief and not replace any medication.

Is the Back Pulse belt adjustable?

Yes, the Back Pulse belt is adjustable.

When should I change the electrodes?

By regular and persistent usage, the electrodes need to be changed once a month. Proper upkeeping of the electrodes by placing plastic electrode covers after use increases the electrode life.

Do I need to apply any cream or moisturiser before applying electrodes?

Applying a balm or a moisturiser is recommended before application of electrodes.

Does the gel cause any skin irritation?

Though unlikely, it may cause skin irritation under some sensitive skin. It is advisable to use it for lesser duration or less intensity in that case. If the problem persists, please consult the doctor.

My symptoms has worsened instead of improving, Why?

It is nothing to worry about. Sometimes body takes time to adjust to external stimuli. It is known as ‘acclimatisation’. Still if the problem persists please reduce the duration and intensity till the symptoms improve.

Do I need to keep myself hydrated before the treatment?

Yes, it is advisable to drink water to get sufficient hydration before the therapy.

Product features

  • Revolutionary product

    ACU Technology to deliver electrical impulses and treat pain naturally by releasing pain-relieving hormones.

  • Easy to carry

    It is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.

  • Simple to wear

    It comes with an adjustable belt to fit various sizes and feel comfortable.

  • Effortless operation

    Adjust the intensity with simple + and – sign buttons and feel the comfort level to release back pain.

  • Ultra durable product

    It is made up of skin-friendly material and is built to last long.

  • Low power consumption

    It consumes very less amount power.

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