Companio Tummy Pulse relaxing the muscles toning your Tummy
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Tummy Pulse tummy toning device – ems technology

  • Tummy Toning
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Muscle Motion Improvement
  • Boosts Metabolism

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Easy to carry

12 months


No side


Low Power


CE Approved

DC Operated

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How touse it?

tummy pulse step 1
Step 01

Lay the belt.

tummy pulse step 2
Step 02

Remove the electrode patches.

tummy pulse step 3
Step 03

Stick the electrode patches.

tummy pulse step 4
Step 04

Wear the belt on your tummy.

tummy pulse step 5
Step 05

Press switch on button to start.

tummy pulse step 6
Step 06

Press + to increase and - to decrease the intensity.

tummy pulse step 7

Charge the belt with the provided charger when necessary.

They used it They said it

Ravi Sharma
Business Development Manager
I have to meet many corporate professionals every day. My bloated tummy made me feel embarrassed during my business visits. Using Tummy Pulse has made me feel more confident as it has brought my tummy back in shape.
Janki Mehta
I am used to long sitting hours at my job. This caused indigestion and laziness in me. My tummy was engorged and I lost my shape. Using Tummy Pulse first improved my indigestion issue and toned my tummy. I can wear all my favourite dresses now.
Knee Pulse is benefited in osteoarthritis, swollen knees, acute knee pain, clots & immobility in limbs

Benefits of Tummy Pulse

Modern lifestyle has decreased the level of activities done by your body. You may have ignored the body parts that need care and have to be strong as well as well-toned. In addition, sitting for long hours and consuming unhealthy or preserved food make your tummy bloated. It lowers the confidence in you, makes the tummy muscles weak and decreases the metabolism.

Companio’s Tummy Pulse is an abdominal toning belt that tones the tummy, makes tummy muscles strong and boosts your metabolism. A well-toned body increases your confidence with people and at places, so you will not need to hide that tummy bloat.

Tummy Pulse helps in
  • Toning the tummy muscles
  • Helps in relaxing muscles
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Improves the metabolism – a process that improves digestion and facilitates the transportation of necessary substances to different cells of the body.

Just 20 minutes a day can assist in maintaining your tummy shape and in improving overall due to reinforced digestion health.

See how Tummy Pulse gets rid of harmful fat

how does tummy pulse work image

How does Tummy Pulse work?

Companio’s Tummy Pulse comes with ‘EXOpulse’ technology based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS). ‘EXOpulse’ is a revolutionary treatment for muscle rehabilitation and pain relief.

How does EXO in Tummy Pulse work?
There are different types of fat in the body. Brown fat, White fat, Subcutaneous fat, Visceral Belly Fat and Thigh & Buttocks fat. The visceral belly fat is around the inner organs; especially around the inner area of tummy. This type of fat is dense, hence physical activity alone cannot remove it easily. Visceral body fat makes a person sloth, tired and leads to body shame. This fat is always eager to invite diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia in the body. Tummy Pulse can help get rid of this visceral belly fat easily with ‘EXOpulse’ technology.

EXOpulse sends mild, regulated therapeutic electrical impulses as a stimulation to pass through your skin to the muscles.

The electrical impulses from EXOpulse technology can cause the tummy muscles to contract and expand. Contraction and expansion of muscles require energy. Stimulation at the tummy area breaks the fat cells very quickly and creates more energy. Constant muscle contractions help in opening the blockages in blood vessels to improve the blood flow at the specific thick area of tummy. Increased blood flow helps the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients in reaching the muscles to make them healthy and strong.

You can achieve enhanced muscle movement and perfectly toned tummy with Tummy Pulse’s technology.

What is EXOpulse technology?
EXOpulse technology in Tummy Pulse is powered with 12 times EMS training programs. EMS technology is known for stimulating the muscles to contract and expand for optimal benefits of muscle rehabilitation in your tummy. It is more efficient than the traditional EMS technology as it is advanced in its performance and comes with an ease of use.

What is EXO Technology?

It is Patented Auto Program in Companio Products. EXO technology is based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EXO generates gentle electrical impulses which pass through your skin to the muscles.

What is the recommended time for therapy?

Tummy Pulse can be used twice a day. The Intensity can be increased or decreased according to the need or comfort level. Recommended Time for therapy is 20 minutes.

At what intensity should the therapy be taken?

It is recommended to start with low intensity which can gradually be increased and set at an on a comfort level. Recommended Intensity Level is 20.

Does Tummy Pulse need any prescription by a doctor?

No, you do not need any prescription by a doctor, since Tummy Pulse works on clinically recommended EXO technology which is an effective self-treatment method. But if you have health concerns of any kind or any kind of irritation while using the product then contact your general practitioner.

Does Tummy Pulse therapy have any side effect?

No, Tummy Pulse does not have any side effects.

Does Tummy Pulse pose any danger?

The product does not pose any danger or threat to the body.

Is Tummy Pulse belt adjustable?

Yes, Tummy Pulse belt can be adjusted.

When should I change the electrodes?

With regular and persistent usage, the electrodes need to be changed once a month. Proper upkeeping of the electrodes by placing plastic electrode covers after use increases the electrode life.

Do I need to apply any cream or moisturizer before applying electrodes?

Applying a heel balm or a moisturizer is recommended before application of electrodes.

Does the gel cause any skin irritation?

Though unlikely, it may cause skin irritation under some sensitive skin. It is advisable to use it for lesser duration or less intensity in that case. If the problem persists please consult the doctor.

Do I need to keep myself hydrated before the treatment?

Yes, it is advisable to drink water to get sufficient hydration before the therapy.

Product features

  • Revolutionary product

    EXO Technology to cause effective muscle stimulation, boost metabolism and tone the tummy.

  • Easy to carry

    It is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.

  • Simple to wear

    It comes with an adjustable belt to fit various sizes of tummy and to feel comfortable.

  • Effortless operation

    Adjust the intensity with simple + and – sign buttons and feel the comfort level to tone the tummy.

  • Ultra durable product

    It is made up of skin-friendly material and is built to last long.

  • Low power consumption

    It consumes very less amount power.

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