Foot Pulse ACU base on tens technology pain in foot palm
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Foot Pulse ACU device based on tens technology

How does it help?

  • Relief Tingling or Numbness In Feet Area
  • Reducing Knee pain, Heel Pain or Calf Pain
  • Reducing Severe Feet Pain
  • Tens Pads for Back Pain or Neck Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
  • Bunion Pain

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Easy to carry

12 months


No side


Low Power


CE Approved

DC Operated

for safety

How to use it?

  • Sit comfortably and relax
  • Place your bare feet on the foot pad
  • Switch on the device and adjust the intensity either directly or using the remote
  • Use the additional pads on the body parts where you may have pain. Do not apply pads directly on bones / joints
Foot Pulse ACU - Use 30 mins for a relaxing day


Minutes for pain free day

They used it They said it

Dr Banshi Saboo
We have been using Companio Foot Pulse ACU at our clinic since few months. We have tried on many patients and have seen good results Diabetes Neuropathy Symptoms like Burning Sensation, Tingling, Numbness in Feet. It helps to reduces the foot complications frequently found in Diabetics.
Dr Nitin Sadani
M.P.T (Ortho & Sports) M.D (Acu) M.I.A.P, Porbander
We have been using Companio Foot Pulse ACU for Plantar Fasciitis & Calcaneal Spur patients and it has showed very good results on them. We are also Using Foot Pulse EXO for Muscle Strengthening & Partial Foot care cases and even with this technology we have got good results
Prabha Jain (50)
Home-maker, Bopal, Ahmedabad
I am suffering from Hypertension and have problem in getting sound sleep for more than a year. I also have numbness in my feet and my legs constantly pain. I am taking medication with physio-therapy sessions regularly. After I used Companio Foot Acu Pulse twice a day for a week, my sleep quality has vastly improved. I also use the electrode patches that come with it on my back and shoulders. I feel more energetic and fresh these days. Thank You Companio.
Mr. NS Patel (55)
Teacher - Retired, Paldi, Ahmedabad
My wife is suffering from chronic knee pain for almost a year. It feels bad to see her in pain with her legs swollen and loss of sensation in her feet. I got her to try Companio Foot Pulse Acu. She has been using it twice a day and there is improvement in knee and leg pain. She is becoming active as she can walk with ease. I also use it sometimes while watching television and feel relaxed. I think it is a good product as it can be used by anyone at home. It is doesn’t have any side effects so it is safe.
Foot Pulse ACU is benefited in severe pain at night, tingling in foot, diabetic foot pain, numbness & arthritic leg pain

Benefits of Foot Pulse ACU

Do you feel exhilarated after a workout session at gym? This feeling of freshness and excitement is caused due to the release of pain relieving hormones endorphins. You will feel the same way after using Foot Pulse ACU that helps to relieve stress after a tedious day, along with being effective in foot pain treatment, orthotics and plantar fasciitis.

With Foot Pulse ACU, you can boost endorphins naturally in your body without the use of any sort of medication. Besides helping to soothe your mind and body, it also helps to improve the immune system, lowers the blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Foot Pulse ACU helps relieve
  • Diabetic Foot Pain
  • Arthritic Foot Pain
  • Toe and Ankle Pain
  • Swollen Foot
  • Severe Pain at Night

Foot Pulse ACU is safe and easy to use. It has no side effects and helps to make your legs healthy.

How Foot Pulse ACU effect on Body to relieve your leg pain

How does Foot Pulse ACU work?

Foot Pulse ACU comes with an innovative technology called “ACUpulse” that is a revolutionary therapy in pain relief.

How does ACU Pulse work?

ACUpulse sends mild and regulated electrical impulses in the form of stimulating pulses over the surface of the skin and into nerve endings.

These electrical impulses from ACUpulse perform twofold actions :

  • Blocks these pain messages from reaching the brain, which reduces pain quickly and
  • Stimulates the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killing hormones
What is ACUpulse Technology?

ACUpulse technology is like 12 TENS Therapy Programs in one. Through the combined effect, ACUpulse is more effective than the traditional TENS programs. TENS is the technology which delivers electrical impulses to the nerve fibres that lie underneath the foot skin thus stimulating the body to release pain relieving hormones.

How long should I use it?

It is recommended that you use it for 30 minutes to begin with. You may then increase the duration and frequency depending on your comfort level.

At what intensity level should I use it?

It is advisable to start with low intensity and increase it gradually depending on your comfort level or until you see or feel mild tingling sensation in your feet.

Do I need any prescription from a doctor for using the product?

You do not need any prescription from a doctor as it is a safe product available over-the-counter.

Can I use a Foot Pulse ACU with other pain relief methods?

Yes. You may continue using any other pain relief method or prescription along with Foot Pulse ACU.

Are there any side effects of using this product?

The mild current penetrates the body through the skin only to a depth of 1-2 inches. Such a small electrical impulse does not pose any danger nor does it cause any side effects.

Can it cause skin irritation?

It is unlikely, but possible in case of certain sensitive skin types. If that happens, it is advisable to use it for a lesser duration and / or reduce the intensity. If the problem persists, please consult with your doctor.

What are the patches for?

The patches can be used along with the foot pads to reduce pain or improve muscle movement in other parts of the body such as shoulders, back, knees, calves, biceps, triceps and elbows.

Are there any areas where I should not use the patches?

The patches should not be attached to the head, chest, throat, neck and face as it is unsafe. Also, do not use them on open wounds, broken or bleeding skin and directly on the bones.

Do I need to take (or stop taking) medicines with Foot Pulse ACU?

You do not need to have any medicines with Foot Pulse ACU. However, if you have been taking medicines prescribed by your doctor then please continue to have it as per the prescription because the Foot Pulse ACU is not intended to replace any medication.

Does the Foot Pulse ACU vibrate?

As the Foot Pulse ACU is not a massager, it does not vibrate. Instead, it sends mild current that stimulates the nerves in the soles of the feet.

Is there something wrong with me or the device if one foot feels a stronger stimulation than the other?

The impulses sent to both the feet are always of the same intensity. However, sensitivity of both the feet is never exactly the same. When one foot is discernibly more sensitive than the other, the user experiences a disparity in sensation. In such cases, the intensity should be kept at a level that makes the more sensitive foot comfortable. The other foot will be receiving the impulses irrespective of your feeling it.

My foot is too small or too big for the foot pad on the device. Does this matter?

No, it does not matter. Just ensure that you place maximum portion of the soles of your feet on the pad and the device will take care of the rest.

Do I need to apply any special cream on the sole before using the device?

It is recommended to hydrate / moisturise your feet before using the device. A heel balm is preferable.

Earlier I could feel the stimulation at much lower intensity but now I have to increase the intensity a lot more. Is something wrong?

No, nothing is wrong. It is expected that with regular use as your feet condition improves, you will need slightly higher intensity of stimulation. However, you need to ensure that you are properly hydrated and your sole is not dry. So do not forget to apply the heel balm before using the device.

Can I use foot pads and electrode pads at the same time?

Yes, you can use them simultaneously or independently.

Do I need to drink water before using the device?

Yes, it is advisable to keep yourself properly hydrated during the therapy. So drink sufficient water before and after the therapy.

My symptoms have actually worsened instead of improving.

In some cases where the body takes time to adjust to the externally stimulated activity, this is expected and nothing to worry about. H­­ere, the symptoms may worsen before actually getting better. In medical terms, this process is called ‘acclimatisation’. If this problem occurs then reduce the intensity and duration of the treatment until the symptoms improve.

Product features

  • Innovative Product

    Patent pending technology with innovative electrical muscle stimulation to boost circulation

  • Slim Design

    Easy to place under your furniture or office desk

  • Simple To Use

    Just adjust the intensity as per your comfort, relax and feel the pain go

  • Easy To Carry

    Light weight product which can be easily carried form one place to another

  • Ergonomic Comfort

    The product is designed to be ergonomically comforting to the feet

  • Sleek Design

    The product body is aesthetically appealing and visually pleasing

  • Ultra Durable Electronics

    It is built to last long

  • Low Power Consumption

    Consumes negligible amount of power

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