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Leg pain relief technology EMS & TENS therapy

Your legs carry you to places, though being the most important part of your body, any discomfort caused to them is often ignored as temporary pain due to over walking or stress. However, sometimes the poor blood circulation or the tissue damage can be the cause behind the leg pain, which can turn the occasional pain into a chronic pain.

Companio’s pain relief devices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that boosts blood circulation and releases pain relieving hormones endorphins to offer quick relief in leg and foot pain. Foot Pulse ACU/EXO are the pain management devices that stimulates and re-educates your muscles using electric impulses, thereby improving their strength and flexibility.

An alternative cure Electrotherapy pain relief

Do you suffer from sleepless nights or find it difficult to climb a flight of stairs due to severe leg pain? With Companio’s electrotherapy pain relief, you can easily reclaim what chronic pain has taken from you and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When the world is embracing alternative therapies that heal without any side effects, Companio with its drug free pain relief too has join the race with its super effective EMS and TENS therapy. Other than relieving pain of arthritis and diabetic foot pain, these devices can be also used at the end of a tiresome day to rejuvenate yourself. They are easy to operate at the comfort of your home.

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