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5 Wellness Work From Home Tips

5 Wellness Work From Home Tips

May 22, 2021 by Companio

  1. Be an early bird

It is rightly said, well begun is half done. Human body requires 7-9 hours of daily sleep to restore the energy, information of the day and repair muscle, organs, and other cells. Adapting to wake up early at 7 am in the morning gives you more time for the day and also manages your stress levels.

2. Most important meal of the day

Eat a heavy breakfast in the morning with a good amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates etc. Nutritious and tasty breakfast ideas like poha, oatmeal, pancakes with honey, aloo paratha and more.

3. Work in an open space with good ventilation and sunlight

Working from home all day can make one feel isolated and suffocated. It is important to work in an environment with good air ventilation that allows fresh thoughts. Sunlight through your room window can be a great source of positive energy and Vitamin D.

4. Keep your desk, desktop or laptop clean and organized

Your work is not only about what you do for a living but also how you choose to live your life, what you do with your time. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your work essentials, be it your laptop screen, keyboard or office diary to note.

5. Make habit of one physical activity every day

There are so many things to do from yoga to rope skipping, from meditation to squats. It requires good time management to act on them. Work from home life can lead to rigidity in your muscles and joints. Electrotherapy can be a great way to stimulate such areas with better blood circulation.

Have a healthy day ahead!

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