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A Small Clot With Big Implications

A Small Clot With Big Implications

July 04, 2016 by Companio

The advent of technology has given us many benefits like convenience and comfort, which have in turn given us various discomforts related to sedentary lifestyle. One such seemingly small and harmless looking discomfort that can be potentially quite dangerous is blood clot.

Do you experience any of the below problems in your legs?

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Pain
  • Warm sensation
  • Pale or bluish discoloration
  • Calf pain when you stretch your toes upward

If you’ve positively answered one or more of the above symptoms then there is a good chance that you may be having blood clots in your legs.

What is blood clot?

Before we proceed, let us understand blood clots a little deeply. Clotting of blood is an important life saving process that prevents excessive bleeding during the times of injury. Platelets (a type of blood cells) and protein jointly work to form a clot over the injury. That is the natural and desirable function of blood clot.

Blood is pumped to various parts of the body through the heart. However, body needs to generate sufficient pressure through muscle movement for the blood to reach the heart by the veins, especially from the legs where its movement is against gravity. This upward pressure is naturally created through movement from active lifestyle.

Now due to our physically inactive lifestyle, blood stagnates in the legs. This causes internal blood clot, which tends to cut off blood supply. If not addressed over time, such clots grow and start creating bigger problems.

Potentially Dangerous

If this blood clot becomes mobile then it can travel to any part of the body and get stuck. If it gets stuck in vital organs like heart, lungs or brain then it can be potentially life threatening. That’s why even a small clot may have big implications and shouldn’t be ignored.

Foot Pulse EXO to your rescue

That’s where Companio’s revolutionary product called Foot Pulse EXO comes to your rescue. With the help of mild electric current, Foot Pulse EXO simulates muscle movement (squeezing and relaxing) that has a similar effect like walking. This pushes blood upwards and boosts blood circulation in the body. The enhanced circulation through regular usage of the device removes the blood clots and prevents further internal clots from happening.

The best thing about EXO is that you need to use it for just 30 minutes a day, and that too from the comfort of your chair without affecting your lifestyle. Isn’t that a great product design? It heals your vital problem without affecting your lifestyle.

Isn’t that a win-win for all of us? We say it surely is.

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