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Why Blood Circulation Is Important For Your Feet?

Why Blood Circulation Is Important For Your Feet?

May 01, 2020 by Companio

Blood circulation is crucial for all bodily functions as blood is the life-giving fluid that provides oxygen and nutrients to the organs. The easiest way to pin-point the problem of poor circulation is to see if your hands and feet are usually a lower temperature than the rest of your body. Numbness and slow healing of wounds on your legs are some indicators that can make the problem evident.


What causes poor circulation, particularly in your feet?

It is always important to know the source of the problem so that the troubleshooting can begin from the roots. Smoking is one of the causes because nicotine constricts the blood vessels. Quitting tobacco can bring back the blood circulation to a normal, healthy state.

Diabetes is another culprit as high blood sugar level decreases the elasticity of the vessels and shrinks them, causing poor circulation. That is why most diabetes patients have to take medicines for BP as well. Stand-alone hypertension or hypotension also causes cold feet and can develop into other severe problems.


Why good circulation is important?

  • It prevents blood clot formation

Intrinsic blood clots are formed when the blood’s path, that is blood vessels, are constricted due to various factors. These can travel to a vital organ and cause serious damage if left untreated. Some clots are obvious but some can’t be self-diagnosed. action if a clot-like bump is found on the limbs. These are treatable. However, the best bet is to take precautions if foot-numbness or coldness is felt. Companio’s Foot Pulse is the best way to improve blood circulation in the legs.


  • It keeps the muscles in top-shape

When the muscles receive abundant oxygen, they become strengthened and function well. Physical activity becomes easier to perform. Blood filtration also becomes optimized. Interestingly, aerobic physical activity also helps in improving blood circulation. So the more you work-out, the better the blood circulation becomes. The better the circulation, the easier the working-out becomes. During the initial stage of improving your blood circulation, take Companio’s foot pulse EXO therapy after your work-out sessions to soothe your muscles.


  • Wounds and other injuries heal faster

As soon as the limbs suffer an injury, an apt amount of blood flows in a person with good blood circulation. The nutrients carried by the blood cells get to work and start the healing process. A blood clot forms, in case of a wound or cut, to stop loss of blood. But unfortunately, in the case of a person with poor blood circulation, the affected area of the limb doesn’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients for a speedy recovery. This can cause infected wounds or problematic injuries. A doctor should be consulted in such a case. To avoid such a situation, blood circulation should be improved with Companio therapy paired with other methods such as yoga, aerobic exercises, and mindful eating.


The aforesaid reasons are more than enough for a person to start paying more attention to their blood circulation. Health problems such as these are avoidable and can be easily dodged with proper precaution. Let us give blood circulation its due importance. Let’s improve it for a healthier, pain-free life.

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