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Does Excessive Yawning Embarrass You at Office Meetings?

Does Excessive Yawning Embarrass You at Office Meetings?

November 23, 2015 by Companio

The clock strikes 10 and the meeting begins. Suddenly you yawn. Yawn and yawn some more. You are now the centre of attention.

Have you been caught in such moments where opening your mouth to catch on a whiff of air has left you embarrassed?

You run through your energy checklist. You rested well the night before. You had your healthy fill of breakfast. You have prepared for the meeting and done your homework.  Why then did you untimely open your mouth?

Well, one unknown reason is POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION.  Medically termed as chronic venous insufficiency which means the blood flowing through the veins is insufficient.  Poor blood flow will lead to your body’s inability to pump enough of the oxygen deprived blood back into your heart.  There could be various reasons for this, including faulty valves within the veins that find it hard to push the blood uphill towards the heart.

You can experience swelling in the legs as the blood pools in the feet and lower legs. This is termed as OEDEMA.

How to treat it drug free:

EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) is one drug free method to treat OEDEMA.  EMS has a long standing testimonial in improving blood circulation and its benefits include:

  • Muscle puffiness being reduced because blood pumping is regularized and fluid retention is controlled.
  • Increased muscle flexibility & strength
  • Slower muscle-wasting process

When the calf muscles contractions are triggered it activates the arterio-venous pumping which in turn increases the arterial inflow and venous outflow intensely. This pumping action provides relief in muscle cramps and aches.

Why use EXO PULSE?

The Foot PULSE EXO provides you with electro muscle stimulation that you can comfortably use at home to treat your incompetent valves.

Make EXO your evening or bedtime therapy ritual. With its regular and continuous use you will observe significant benefits such as:

  • Reduction in Muscle Pain
  • Reduced discomfort in night cramps
  • Strength and flexibility in your muscles
  • Better energy levels as fatigue reduces thus, better quality of life
  • Lower medical bills!

Along with this, you should adapt a healthier lifestyle and include physical activities like running, swimming and brisk walking to keep your muscles fit and fatigue at bay!



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