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Electronic Muscle Stimulation for Athletes

Electronic Muscle Stimulation for Athletes

November 23, 2015 by Companio

The EXO Foot pulse, as you have learned is here to improve your quality of life and give you a pain free lifestyle. But what other use does the device have; you ask. Well, not only does our device help you gain relief from regular muscle aches, but the device is also of immense benefit to athletes. Irrespective of whether you are at the beginning level of your athletic career or at an advanced level, here’s a device that helps build your muscle and strengthen it as well.

Before we go ahead, let us delve into the history of EMS or electronic muscle stimulation for the use of an athlete. The use of EMS for performance enhancement in the field of athletics began in the earlier part of the 1950’s in most communist countries. The EMS technology for sport usage gradually came to the Western world in 1973. This happened after Dr. Y. Kots from the Central Institute of Physical Culture in USSR, put up a presentation on his discovery of the incredible potential in strength enhancement through proper and monitored use of EMS.

How does EMS work for athletes?

Our bodies are a miraculous creation and when we perform light to strenuous exercises, we need to administer the right care and follow the appropriate method to strengthen our muscles. And that is exactly the role of the EXO Foot pulse.

The body cannot differentiate when you are performing squats or lifting a dead weight. But rather it just contracts that particular muscle when it’s worked on, hence the muscle exercising process begins. Similarly, your body cannot differentiate when you are actually exercising or if your muscles are receiving electrical stimulation. What matters is the same contraction process that your muscles go through as your body only recognizes the stimulus it’s getting, irrespective of the source of the stimulus. EMS here allows you to target different muscle areas by adjusting the intensity of the stimulation, length & rhythm of the contraction. This effectively translates to the fact that the EXO Foot pulse helps you with strength and endurance training and also helps you relax your muscles after a tough workout.

The Benefits of EMS with the EXO Foot Pulse

1. Warm-up Before the Work-out

The electrical currents passing through to your muscles, increases the blood flow to the muscles. This leads to a faster pre-work out warm-up session rather than spending 30 minutes performing your normal work out regime.

2. Improved Performance

An athlete’s ultimate goal is to improve their performance in their preferred sport. But how exactly does this happen? When your muscles go through the contraction process, our bloodstream is then activated with Nitric Oxide. This opens up the blood vessels which increases the blood flow in your body which in turn boosts your performance.

3. Strength Booster

Strength training for an athlete is the most important part of their career. And EMS only makes your strength training easier and more time saving. The muscle contraction process via EMS can be done without any sort of physical or mental exertion and it helps you reach that explosive strength you are looking achieve.

The benefits of using Companio’s EXO Foot pulse device are numerous and this is just one part of it. We certainly hope that this article has given you a valuable insight into using the EMS technology in your day to day training as these devices are an added advantage that aid you in achieving your athletic goals. So, without procrastinating, its time get yourself your very own EXO Foot pulse device to boost your athletic performance!


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