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Exo Foot Pulse – Pain Relief is Just a CURRENT Away!

Exo Foot Pulse – Pain Relief is Just a CURRENT Away!

November 23, 2015 by Companio

In today’s busy and stressful lifestyle, a majority of the population suffers from lack of time when it comes to safeguarding their health. It’s a proven fact that we as Indians always tend to ignore the little signs of aches and pains in our body, always assuming that it will ‘disappear’ as miraculously as it arrived. Funny right? How do you expect your leg pain or back ache to disappear after a few days and all without administering the right treatment? Weird as it may sound, sadly this is the situation of today’s young and old generations.

Keeping this very human nature in mind, Companio brings to you a perfectly comfortable and hassle free treatment for your leg pain called the Exo Foot Pulse. The Exo Foot Pulse is a device that functions on Electronic Muscle Stimulation or the EMS technology. Let us give you a little insight in to the core technology called the EMS.

What is EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

EMS technology is an established recuperation therapy used to treat various clinical problems encompassing the muscle skeletal. The concept of EMS is to use very mild and regulated electrical current to exercise your muscles. These mild currents or electrical impulses cause the muscles in the lower leg to contract and expand, thus pushing blood from the leg to the heart which vastly improves blood circulation. This gives your body the effect of having made active use of your legs, thus relieving you from pain and muscle ache.

How does the use of EMS help your aches & pains?

The use of EMS technology has been prescribed by doctors for decades to treat injuries, chronic muscle pains and spasms. EMS works by increasing blood flow to the muscles, thus delivering the necessary nutrients to the body that greatly aid in a quick recovery. And the pumping or contraction action, helps in removing clots and various other metabolic waste products. The whole function of the EMS is to provide your aching muscles with quick and complete relaxation and this in itself, immensely increases the blood flow to and from the muscles.

EMS is effective for athletes performing strenuous sport activities like, soreness from a long run or sprint, badminton players and many more activities. Under normal circumstances, you would always opt to relax and stretch your legs in case of a muscle ache. However, as compared to passive recovery (doing nothing except relaxing), it has been proven that electrical stimulation aids in quicker recovery and relief from leg/muscle pain. While this is increasingly being recommended by physiotherapists, there is a huge difference in the amount of electrical stimulation from person to person. Some may require a lower or higher frequency of stimulation. You can set the electric current to a high resistance or a low resistance muscle contraction.

A hectic lifestyle, the uncalled for stress that our body endures & a sedentary regime; all of these do nothing except creating various health issues. Here comes the Exo Foot Pulse to relieve you of leg pains that literally take away the joy of going for a simple walk. Bring the joy of simple things back into your life by making Companio your companion.

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