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Let’s Generate Wealth by Spreading Health

Let’s Generate Wealth by Spreading Health

November 21, 2016 by Companio

Companio, your well-being companion, is the corporate scion of the renowned Camex Group. Driven by a burning ambition of rapid growth with a win-win franchise model, Companio is well placed to take the proud legacy of the Camex Group through the next phase of its evolution. We want to achieve this objective by spreading smiles and healing the ailing society from its most endemic health problems by using innovative but natural technologies.

Looking for Partners with Shared Vision

At the foundation of this noble vision is a shared model of growth. So Companio is looking for franchising partners who not only match their ambition of co-creating wealth but also share the passion for this mission of helping the society along the way.

Growing Rapidly Already

In a short span of 6 months, Companio has successfully started dealership centers in 11 Indian cities, big and small, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhavnagar, Delhi, Goa, Guntur, Indore, Lucknow, Mangalore and Nagpur. The word about our products is spreading fast so these centres are happily recovering their investment quickly. So much so that we aim of having 100 centres by the end of 2017. And we can’t wait to come to your city!


Simple, Non-Fancy Centre is all that you Need

As these pictures suggest, the centres have become operational fairly quickly because all that they need is a very simple setup. There is nothing fancy about them. These centres have started healing people and generating wealth for our partners.

Companio, The Proud Legacy

As mentioned earlier, Companio is a part of the multi-million Camex Group, a pioneer in manufacturing dyes which boasts of being a publicly traded company with a global presence in over 45 countries. Camex Group established Camex Wellness Limited with a vision of serving the society by helping people gain holistic health and wellness. This was also the beginning of brand CMax that specialized in manufacturing India’s first Thermal Acupressure Bed and providing franchise based services around it. In fact, Camex Wellness is the first company in India to have evolved from trading into designing and manufacturing of these wellness products. Companio is their latest health and well-being brand dealing with innovative products that are redefining the wellness solutions.


Why Wait? Call Now!

You have an unprecedented opportunity to make money through a very small investment while making people genuinely happy by relieving their chronic pain and lifestyle disorders. We offer great products that work naturally, without side effects, and having a great demand. Isn’t it obvious that it’s a low risk investment? Come on, pick that phone and call us or just shoot us an email from the contact us page. We can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s serve and share the wealth of happiness.

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