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Solve the Biggest Problem of Leg Muscle Pain

Solve the Biggest Problem of Leg Muscle Pain

April 06, 2018 by Companio

Leg Muscle pain is commonly known as leg muscle cramps. It is the biggest pain problem involved with the legs today and can affect any age, from children to older adults.

Leg muscle cramp is an involuntary and forcible muscle that contracts and does not relax.

Muscles like skeletal muscles which have a voluntary control are most likely to affect cramping.

Muscle cramps can happen in any part of the body. But, leg muscle cramps is a common problem prevailing with today’s lifestyle. These pains can attack in calves of legs, thighs and foot arches near the heel.

We have found ways to solve this biggest problem of muscle cramps.

  1. Hydrating is helpful

    Taking more fluids, packed with electrolytes like minerals, potassium, calcium and sodium can help in muscle cramps.

    When the body perspiration is more or any vigorous activity exceeds more than 3 hours, being hydrated can help in compensating the salt loss of the body. Ignoring more carbohydrates is recommended.

  2. Eat Nutrition-rich Food

    An adequate amount of calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin E in the diet is optimal.

    Caffeine found in coffee and tea or aerated drinks like soda can constrict blood vessels and decrease blood circulation in muscles.

    Instead, switch to natural drinks like fresh tomato and beetroot juice, citrus juices made from oranges, sweet lime, soaked and peeled dry fruits, melons slices, fresh warm milk, banana etc.

  3. Stretching and Warm-ups are good

    Muscles feel relaxed after the stretches if they are done appropriately.

    Calf stretching exercise, warming-up your legs before the exercise or during the muscle cramps can benefit.

    Stretches before the exercises can prepare the legs for movement in advance. It enhances the performance and prevents legs from stress that cause muscle cramps.

  4. Stretches are good warm-ups for athletes before they start their strenuous activities. Also, not overdoing the exercise is a prevention method.

  5. Applying Heat and Massage

    Massage your leg with doctor-prescribed ointments or olive oil.

    Applying warmth to the painful body area can help the muscles to relax and ease the pain. This heat can be given with the help of a warm towel, warm water soaks, warm bath or heat pads. Heat therapy can also improve blood flow.

  6. Avoiding Movements and Activities in Hot Weather

    Avoid going outside in open hot weather as the body sweats a lot while causing salt loss and reducing the electrolytes in the body.

    Always carry juices, water or electrolyte powder with you whenever you travel in the hot weather.

  7. Electrotherapy is excellent

    Leg muscle pain can be treated effectively with modern-day and harmless electrotherapy like EXO.

    Companio’s Foot Pulse EXO is powered by EXO technology based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation. EXO is a technology in which mild electrical impulses help muscles’ contraction and expansion to provide ultimate relief in pain and improve blood circulation in the legs.

    This revolutionary product relieves numbness in legs, swelling, cold feet, muscle rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, and calf pain and improves tired and aching legs.

    Foot Pulse EXO can be carried anywhere and only a 30-minute therapy in a day can provide rejuvenation to the body.

  8. Prevent Excess Weight

    Ideal body weight is depended on many essential factors like height, sex, age etc. Find out your ideal weight and try to maintain that as excess weight can lay pressure on your leg muscles, every time you are involved in leg mobility.

Notice some of the reasons to care better for your legs.

  • If the body is not used to hectic mobility, if intensive workouts put extra pressure on muscles or if the muscles have rested too much like sitting for long hours or sitting in improper sitting position, then leg muscle cramps are likely to affect the legs and calves.
  • Muscle pain can occur during sports activity, exercise, injury, loss of perspiration, or after long resting hours, brisk walking, and activities performed in heat. When the body is not stretched properly before starting exercise sessions, the muscles does not get fully prepared and get stressed out with workouts.
  • Pain can, however, attack while sleeping or sitting, dehydration situation and due to deficiency of calcium and electrolytes.
  • Poor blood circulation can also be a very cause of leg muscle cramps as it is difficult for purified blood to reach to the legs in this condition.

Muscle cramps can become very severe if not solved with right treatment methods. It can make walking difficult and painful. If you have a severe leg muscle problem then a doctor’s consultation could help to start with right measures. Leg muscle pain can be a common problem in daily life but it takes only care that can cure it with accuracy and efficiency.

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