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Why Investing Early in Foot Health Is Rewarding Later?

Why Investing Early in Foot Health Is Rewarding Later?

March 28, 2018 by Companio

We invest our money in different types of policies or funds, so we can gain profits after some years.

Does that make us happy?

Of course. Everyone wants more money to make their life more advanced and rich with all necessary amenities. So, they can spend rest of their life in comfort. We also invest in popular brands for the things we want to use for the longer run.

Like, branded jeans, shoes, jewellery, safety gears, automobiles etc. or in things that make us feel prosperous. But, we sometimes fail to invest in our health. Investing in health can make us live more happily, actively and wholesomely.

Invest in Foot Health Today, to Stay Strong Tomorrow.

For older adults, it is difficult to be dependable on any family member or on equipment for their daily chores. Asking help every now and then create a psychological pressure on the dependent person.

If the dependability is because the person is not able to balance on their feet or take a walk to places, it gets difficult for them to enjoy life with their family or grandchildren. Moreover, they can have a feeling of embarrassment if they have to ask assistance for the tasks that involve privacy.

This situation can be ignored if a reliable investment is made in Foot Health. Number of foot problems may arise with increasing age or strain experienced on foot.

Common Foot Problems Because of Improper Care

  • Chronic foot pain
  • Mobility problems
  • Skin infections
  • Impulsive diabetic pain
  • Disturbed blood flow in feet
  • Skin blisters, corns, calluses
  • Bunions
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Toe pain
  • Fungal Nails
  • Cracked Heels
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis

How to take care of Foot health from an early age?

  • Train Those Muscles

  • Achievement neither arrives overnight nor is health gained in few days.

    Any permanent goodness or growth is achieved if the activity is carried regularly, like regular training or practice sessions.

    Do muscle training from early life like muscle stretches, exercise and carry it regularly so the foot health sticks to you. If muscles are well-trained, a harmful injury can be prevented from earlier.

  • Take Care Like the Foot Is Your Face

  • Cleaning foot is the first thing to start with. Our foot gets in touch with multiple bacteria and germs with everyday activities.

    Wash your feet with mild soap, even between toes. The area between toes has the tendency of reserving dirt. Dry feet with clean towel and hydrate with a good-quality moisturizer. Don’t apply excess moisturizer between toes.

  • Infections Are Enemies

  • A Foot may suffer from infections that decrease the level of its health. It is advised to walk with closed feet on open areas. The possibility of infections decreases if feet are protected with closed shoes.

    Try not to walk barefoot on public places, office, post-swimming bath or public gardens. Even too much enclosed feet sweat a lot. After reaching home, clean the foot thoroughly.

  • Twin Both Comfort and Style in Shoes

  • Matching your shoes according to occasion, dress and looks is important but matching it with to the comfort of your feet is important too.

    Shoes with narrow tips can congest your toes and cause bunions or toe pain and shoes that are too small for your feet can create on toenails to cause ingrown toenails or fungal toes.

    Heel size of shoes has to be of a recommended size to avoid foot pain. Feet must be allowed to take its natural position inside shoes. Choose a perfect size to benefit comfort with style.

  • Support Shoes With Shoe Orthotics

  • Wearing supportive shoe inserts (Orthotics) inside the shoes can keep your feet aligned and reduce the ground pressures.

    Orthotics support arches and realign the lower leg to its natural position. Orthotics protects the foot from plantar fascia.

  • Invest in Electrotherapy to Train Your Muscles

  • It is rewarding to invest in electrotherapy product like EMS from an early life.

    Companio’s Foot Pulse EXO is an EMS product with EXOpulse technology that improves blood circulation in feet, gives relief in muscle cramps, calf cramps, and helps tired and aching legs to gain relaxation.

    The main benefit of EXOpulse is, that it power trains your muscles to acquire strength against unplanned force and prepare the legs to stay healthily mobile in old age as well as during days of stressful activities.

    It is always fine to be prepared sooner for unwanted late comings of life. Enjoyment has to be a part of daily routine and not for short period. Invest earlier in your foot health to keep moving with life.

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