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10 Ways to Improve Your Foot Health

10 Ways to Improve Your Foot Health

January 13, 2018 by Companio

Foot care – A discipline that keeps you pain-free
and helps you perform activities you love doing.

It seems like people took the ‘Never look down’ statement too seriously and ignored their Foot Health like ignoring third party’s problems. But only till the foot pain snatched away all the rights to freedom they had.

If proper attention is paid to foot care, it can gain immense health benefits for the longer term. This blog gives 10 simple ideas which can be started immediately for improving foot health.

Beware, about Footwear

Start your Foot care simply by examining shoes you wear. Choose footwear that makes your movability comfortable. Shoes that fit right and prevent most common foot, toe and heel problems are to be welcomed. Right shoes are the ones that allow your feet to function naturally as it does. They allow your heel and forefoot to bear weight and keep your heel and forefoot to be on a plane level. Ill-fit shoes can cause foot bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, corn, ingrown toenails, etc. Select shoes with lace, Velcro or straps to get a good support to your arches. Especially, people who run or jog daily need to use special shoes for arch support. Shoes with changeable insoles can allow you to exchange and adjust it with orthotics to make your feet cozier.

Be selfish to share

Sometimes you have to be selfish to share, especially footgear. This can transfer other’s foot infection to you. Always wear your own footgear to prevent yourself from unnecessary foot illness.

Make Foot hygiene dear

People don’t consider foot hygiene as a part of their routine body care. Whereas any care related your body starts with cleanliness. Wash your feet with mild soap daily and also wash between your toes to avoid fungal infection. Clean dry your feet after the wash and apply a good moisturizer regularly.

Sweaty Feet? Pull your socks!

Fine cotton socks can prevent unhygienic sweaty feet and foot odors. After washing your feet with antibacterial, dry it completely with a clean towel. Put a good-quality antiperspirant on your feet. Then sprinkle foot powder which will absorb excess sweating before wearing your socks. This method is useful in reducing foot perspiration and infection.

Athlete’s foot alert

You’re likely to develop an Athlete’s foot when you walk with barefoot in communal areas or public areas. An Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that causes the scaly rash under the feet which leads to itching and burning sensation. Your barefoot catch the infections thriving on the floor. Hotel room, walking path, park, gym, public pool areas, etc. are places were bacteria that causes Athlete’s foot resides. By wearing appropriate footgear you’re protecting your feet against such fungus and diseases.

Access your exercise freedom

Everyone struggles for freedom but becomes lazy for the ones they already have, same like exercise. Exercise maintains your foot health and furthermore also reduces the risk of injuries. The most common exercise for feet is walking. Walking has several advantages of reducing stress level, improving cardiovascular health, improving blood circulation (check Foot Pulse EXO), toning muscles, etc. The best thing about walking is that it is recommended for every age. You can also use FOOT PULSE ACU with innovative ‘ACUpulse’ technology to get relief from Foot pain. This product is equal to 12 TENS Therapy programs that deliver electrical impulses to nerve fibers under your foot skin and stimulate the body to release pain-relieving hormones. An easy to carry product, FOOT PULSE ACU can be carried with you wherever you go and use it while in you are in relaxed sitting position.

Limber up

Limbering up means flexible exercising to strengthen your legs to get protection from injuries. These are generally stretching exercises which can also be done while sitting at your desk or at home. Just sit on a chair with flat feet. Lift your leg in the air and with the help of big toe make circles clockwise. Use can use a Theraband to do a resistance exercise. Theraband can be carried anywhere with you as it is lightweight and don’t need more storage place. Theraband exercise can be done by wrapping it around your feet and with a gentle stretching.

Pleasing Pedicure

People think that pedicure means cleaning the feet and doing your toenails with a nail polish. A good pedicure does more for you! It is the one that includes a good massage. This pedicure massage stimulates circulation in your feet. Trimming your nails while pedicure helps prevention of ingrown toenails. If done regularly, a pedicure can help your feet stay clean, restrain blisters and corns and blackened nails.

Toe Separators

Toe separator is a very comfy tool to improve the toe and foot health. Toe separators align your toes to gain right alignment and be in normal position to create space between toes. It reduces joint strain when placed properly, and it can be worn while resting or even while gentle feet stretching.

Eat right and fight

A body needs calcium during its growing years and it needs more in old age or after menopause. So, eating calcium packed food helps. Amount of calcium intake also depends on the age number. Like men and women above 50 years need near 1200 mg per day. A person’s body loses calcium each day and that is why calcium has to be a regular supplement for the body. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese are very good sources of calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients and very effective in reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of arthritis. Omega-3 fats can be gained from fish, walnuts, beef, soybeans, tofu, etc. A decrease in inflammation can prevent Plantar Fasciitis too. Eating right is also necessary to control body weight which our feet are happy to bear every time we start with our physical activity. Right food nutrition for feet controls disease like Osteoporosis which induces weakened bones are responsible for stress fractures.

We hope this helps. Wishing you healthy and happy feet.

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