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5 Common Foot Care Myths

5 Common Foot Care Myths

January 17, 2018 by Companio

People have a habit of disregarding minor body pains and continue to believe the myths that can facilitate their lifestyle temporarily. But an episodic pain becomes permanent in no time and this happens frequently with foot pain too. Foot pain is the most neglected of all sufferings which need immediate attention. Read the blog to believe, and break-free from myths related to foot pain.

  1. Myth: Shoes cause Bunions

Fact: Bunion is a structural birth deformity or either inherited or is caused by the certain structural shape of the foot. That is why Bunion doesn’t happen only due to shoes, but tight shoes can cause them happen rapidly and hurt you severely.

  1. Myth: Ingrown toenail can be rectified with a cut

Fact: The fact about an Ingrown toenail is that it starts growing from the base. It curves and grows inside the skin towards the side-end of the toe. Ingrown toenail causes terrible pain, redness, and swelling. People believe that if they cut a notch or a ‘V’ shape in the middle of the nail it can cure ingrown toenail but instead, it may increase the pain problems.

  1. Myth: Foot pain is an old age issue

Fact: Foot pain cannot be considered as the part of growing age. Foot pain can happen at any age due to uncomfortable footwear, foot stress, structure, any damage or fractures, genetics or excess body weight. As foot pain is not natural, consult a doctor to know the reason and proper treatment than neglecting it as part of aging process.

  1. Myth: Wearing flip flops or flat footwear is good for the feet

Fact: Flip flops or flat footwear relaxes your feet but they cannot be worn for a long time as they don’t provide any support. They can arouse heel pain, ankle sprains or damage to tendons. Wear footwear that can support your toes, Achilles tendon, heel, etc. to avoid unnecessary pains. Don’t self-diagnose your foot problems and get trapped in the myths. Get an appropriate treatment for the foot pain from the doctor. For effective pain-free treatment also look into Foot Pulse ACU and Foot Pulse EXO.

  1. Myth: There’s no fracture or damage to my foot If I can walk

Fact: It may be possible that you are able to walk with an injured or broken toe, ankle or foot but it is not advisable. Walking with an injury for a long time can make you disable. A small injury can lead to bigger damage if you continue with your activity. Show your injury to the doctor immediately before it gets late.

As the old saying says ‘Health is Wealth’, nobody must compromise with their well-being. Even with all the happiness of the world in your kitty, if a person doesn’t care about how their body is reacting to certain discomforts, can extend into big troubles. So, Forget the myths and understand your body to enjoy the pink of health.

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