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5 Natural Ways to Heal Chronic Foot Pain

5 Natural Ways to Heal Chronic Foot Pain

March 15, 2018 by Companio

Not one, but various conditions can cause chronic foot pain.

These conditions may vary according to lifestyle or experiences. However, it’s not mandatory to give up the activities you love because of chronic foot pain.

Primarily, what you can do about your chronic foot pain is, to know the causes and then find out the measures to rectify it for your own good health.

The chronic condition of foot appears after the foot pain lasts more than three months. Pain can last longer because the person with foot pain did not take an action during the early stage of pain; or may be an unexpected injury keeps on haunting back to the affected foot.

The deal here is that with or without foot pain, everybody needs to understand the importance of foot. The foot bears all of the body weight and the stress-level of activities done by the body.

If you want to stand unimpaired and move painless while doing daily chores, take extra care for your feet as you care for your face or internal health of body.

Care is the only precaution one can take to avoid any kind of chronic foot pain.

Chronic foot pain can be recognized as neuropathic disorder (nerve damage), post-injured foot, sprains, tendonitis, arch problems, plantar fasciitis, stress fracture, shin muscle disorder, poor blood circulation, foot ulcer, peripheral arterial disease, gout, heel pain, ball of foot pain, bunion, hammertoe, flat feet pain, arch pain, calluses or corns.

Different measures are available for different types of pain but some common measures can always be of assistance.

Prior to the adoption of healing measures, a patient needs to consult a doctor and take the advice. If there’s no severity involved in adopting natural ways of healing, the patient can start using them.

5 natural ways to heal Chronic Foot Pain

  1. Physical Therapy

    Take a therapy from Physical therapists or Podiatrists. They can restore your foot health with core focus on muscles, tendons, bones, joints and ligaments.

    Manual therapeutic treatment like targeting the connective muscle tissues, passive treatment, balance training, neuromuscular education and orthopaedic therapies given by professionals can strengthen the body.

  2. Electrical Stimulation

    Therapists also use TENS, the Electrical Stimulation Treatment for fast and natural healing of foot pain.

    TENS is a portable machine which sends mild electrical impulses via electrodes on the trigger points and produces natural pain-killing hormones called endorphins to block the pain.

    The best advantage of TENS is that it is patient-friendly and can be used by the patient herself/himself at home or office. Just follow the instruction and use it right.

    Companio’s Foot Pulse ACU is a TENS product that relieves you from Foot Pain easily.

  3. Foot Hygiene

    Foot hygiene is as important as the hygiene of any other body part.

    Keep your feet clean and comfortable to maintain it. Wash them regularly with mild soap, wipe them clean and moisturize them lightly.

    Don’t walk barefoot in public areas to avoid bacteria infecting your foot. Wear clean cotton socks to feel comfort and cosy inside the shoes.

    Foot Orthotics can also help you extensively and give support to feet. Foot Orthotics keep a foot in proper alignment and reduce stress and strain of body on foot.

    For inserting orthotics, you need to buy shoes that are capable of incorporating orthotics inside.

    Also, trim the toenails regularly to avoid toenail infection. Wear shoes with appropriate heel size to keep feet balanced.

  4. Recommended Exercises

    Strength-building exercises, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics and muscle stretches can help to prepare foot for weight-bearing activities.

    Some simple exercises like raising heels and toes while standing, rolling a tennis ball with forward and backward movement of feet, squeezing toes after separating them with cotton or foam etc. are really helpful to release foot stress.

    Above mentioned TENS technology can also activate the walking and other exercise benefits in you with only 30-minutes of therapy every day.

  5. Epsom Salt Therapy

    Epsom salt therapy is known for the relief of muscle stress, foot pain, inflammation and relaxation of the nervous system.

    Combine Epsom salt in warm water and soak feet in it. Magnesium sulphate present in Epsom salt bath gets through your skin to relax muscles, reduce pain and moderate stiff joints.

Natural ways of healing are always good than medicinal treatment.

Intake of food rich in calcium, vitamin B and vitamin C helps a lot in improving bone strength and skin quality of foot. Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and milk products always carry healthy benefits.

Healthcare is a continuous process and doing it for few days will not help.

Your feet will help you run life marathon, keep them safe.

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