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5 Ways to Deal with Diabetic Foot Pain

5 Ways to Deal with Diabetic Foot Pain

February 05, 2018 by Companio

Your own blood can become your enemy!

High level of sugar in the blood of a person’s body with Diabetes affects the nerves and damages it badly in a longer time. The disease that then catches you is called ‘Diabetic Neuropathy.’ In simple terms, diabetic neuropathy refers to the damage of nerves that are caused by diabetes. When a damage happens to the nerves, it disables you to do several activities.

It is said that around 60% of the diabetic patient suffers from some kind of diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy can affect any organs of the body. Diabetic Neuropathy can cause various problems like burning sensation, numbness, extreme leg pain, feet cramps, aching hands and arms, digestive system problems, sexual dysfunction, paralysis (Peroneal Nerve Palsy), foot ulcers, etc. and if the problem increases, a diabetic patient also has to face a limb loss.

In this blog you’ll read that how diabetes harms you and what are 5 common ways to heal painful conditions due to diabetes.

Too Much Sweetness is Bitter

One major kind of diabetic condition is ‘Peripheral Neuropathy.’ It is a condition affecting the peripheral nervous system. Peripheral Nervous System connects the Central Nervous System to the limbs and other organs; acting as a transmitter between spinal cord, brain and other parts of the body.

Peripheral nerves are responsible for sending sensory messages to the brain and spinal cord if any kind of feeling is caused like a pain in the feet. If Peripheral nerves are damaged, they will stop carrying messages from the brain and spinal cord, to the muscles which help you in mobility.

Another main problem caused by peripheral neuropathy is damage to blood vessels which increase the chances of developing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), and Poor Blood Circulation.

Another common neuropathy is ‘Motor Neuropathy.’ It is a disorder of diabetes that weakens the muscles and develops muscle pain. Most of the time muscles in the feet and legs, shin muscles, thigh muscles are mutilated in motor neuropathy. It imbalances a patient’s standing position and makes walking difficult.

Ease Diabetic Pain with five curing actions.

  1. Regulate Your Glucose Level
    Get your blood sugar levels checked regularly and bring your blood sugar in the range. Regulating blood sugar can reduce your problems to a greater extent and prevent further nerve damage. Do it with doctor prescribed medications and update your diet chart to food with natural sugars.

    • Avoid sugary drinks like sweetened aerated beverages, fruit juices with additional sugar, processed food, etc.
    • Eat fruits filled with fibres like orange, pineapple, papaya, grapes, watermelon, etc.
    • Get sources of Vitamin B12, B6 and Omega 3. Take healthy fats like fish fats, olive oil, proteins like tofu, sprouted beans, nuts, avocado, and dry fruits.
    • Use natural non-caloric sweetener called Stevia instead of regular sugar.


  2. Don’t Wait to Control Your Body Weight
    Exercise frequently, at least 5 days a week and minimally for 30-60 minutes to manage or reduce the body weight. Exercise can also keep your sugar, cholesterol in control, manage weight and mainly strengthen your muscles.Stress is also a reason to increase blood pressure, diabetes and weight. Get a relief from stress and rejuvenate yourself from within with exercise. You can also opt for Yoga. Stretching, jogging, walking or gym can be different choices for exercise.
  3. Where’s Your Vitamin D?
    Patients with low-level of Vitamin D suffer more diabetic pain. Increase in the amount of vitamin D in your body to around 60-80 ng/ml keeps your blood glucose levels in control. You can take sunbaths in the early morning sunlight. Other sources of vitamin D are eggs, cereals, dairy products or oral supplement prescribed by doctors.
  4. Electrical Medications to Treat Pain
    A TENS unit, EMS unit, Laser therapy device, SCS unit, IFT therapy Unit, EMG and NCV machine and Cupping therapy machines are different kinds electrical medications. Most popular are TENS and EMS due to its ease of access, usage, and effectiveness.

    TENS unit
    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a small battery-operated device which is connected to electrodes and can be attached to the body. It then uses different frequencies of electrical current which releases pain-reducing hormones to block pain messages reaching the brain. Foot Pulse ACU from Companio is a product that uses 12 TENS therapies in one to treat foot pain efficiently. The main benefit of the product is that it can be used at home while sitting comfortably in your chair.
    EMS unit
    As blood circulation is the main problem in diabetes, EMS unit can help you circulate blood faster. An EMS unit passes electrical current through muscles and creates muscles contraction to give them strength. Foot Pulse EXO has high functional benefits with no hassles. Just 30 minutes at the office or home and Foot Pulse ACU will make sure of your improved blood flow.

  5. Healthy Feet are Your StrengthA diabetic person definitely needs to take special care of feet and get regular feet checkups. Our foot is a nice work of nature with 200 muscles, 60 joints, and more than 50 bones. They have a close touch with infections on the floor and ulceration due to poor blood flow.Take care of your feet with following:
    • Clean your feet with mild soap, even between the toes and wipe them clean. Apply moisturizer to keep them hydrated.
    • Avoid walking with naked feet at public places. Wear closed shoes to prevent injuries.
    • Don’t let corns or calluses develop to hinder your feet.
    • Cut toenails regularly.
    • Use thick cotton socks to give comfort to feet and prevent it from injuries and infections.
    • Use shoe orthotics to be placed in your shoes. Shoe inserts can give you relief in foot pain while relaxing them and giving support while mobility.

Don’t ignore diabetic foot pain because it can limit your mobility and make your life inactively diseased. Adopt the above measures and enjoy your life normally on your feet.

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