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It’s Time to Laugh at Your Pain

It’s Time to Laugh at Your Pain

June 30, 2016 by Companio

“Pain is inevitable in life,” goes an aphorism that deals with the philosophy of pain. While we wouldn’t argue with the philosophical doctrine of this wise saying, we would certainly beg to differ with it when it comes to the physical aspect of pain. Why, you ask? Here’s why.

Is pain your bane?

Are you an aged person suffering from painful and sleepless nights due to your aching feet? Are you a middle aged person having painful legs because of sedentary lifestyle. Or are you a young and active sportsperson, and your legs pain because of demanding overuse?

If you answered any of the above three questions with a yes, then we have good news for you because you can end your physical pain of all kinds, right now.

Foot Pulse ACU

Foot Pulse ACU is a revolutionary new product from Companio that has made pain a thing of the past for all those who have used it.

Thoughtful Product

The Foot Pulse ACU is a thoughtful product designed by keeping your comfort in mind. You can use it sitting comfortably on your sofa, chair or bed at home while watching TV or reading newspaper. It is easy to carry so you can even use it at your office while working. ACU comes with patches that can be applied to most parts of your body and heal the pain in those parts.

Another great aspect of ACU is that you need to use it only for 30 minutes in order to live an active and pain-free day.

Advanced technology that simulates nature and prevents side effects

Foot Pulse ACU is a technologically advanced product that sends mild electrical impulses in the form of stimulating pulses through the skin and into the nerve endings.

These electrical impulses perform twofold actions:

  1. Blocks the pain messages from reaching the brain, which reduces sensation of pain quickly, and
  2. Stimulates the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killing hormones

Because ACU stimulates the body to produce natural hormone, it causes no side effects which may otherwise be caused by pain-killers that may be consumed orally or injected in the body.

So what are you waiting for?

Having learnt about it, we have every reason to believe that you know that value of this product. If either you or your loved ones are suffering from any kind of pain, you must go for Foot Pulse ACU. You owe this to yourself and your loved ones.

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